I was brought up on music. Had two parents who were musicians and we spent alot of time listening to music. The Ranch Man loves lots of styles, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, World, New Age, Rock, and alot of other eclectic styles. So come back often and check it out because there is alot to talk about in the world of music!

Lets start this page out on a very positive note. I always like finding a great band and I heard this duo one evening while browsing thru a local media store. Rodrigo y Gabriela are a Dublin-based duo originally from Mexico City. Incredible guitar riffs from Rodrigo and amazing rhythm and percussion talent from Gabriela make this a feast that the Ranch Man can't get enough of. Wicked speed and phrasing go into each song making it some of the tastiest licks you'll hear. It's nice to see talent like this get recognition and recognition is what they are getting world wide. All shows are sold out according to their website. If you dig spanish flamenco style you gotta check them out.