There aren't too many feelings like sitting down and putting a great fitting guitar in your hands and making it sing. I'm still trying to make it sing but hey, I can dream about it. Slide on back cause I have some fun ideas for another of my passions, guitars!

A '57 you say??

One of my good buddies just emailed me a link to ebay and wanted me to take a look. It's a vintage, all original 1957 fender stratocaster. This is the Ranch Man's dream guitar. It sells for a mere $39,750. Any one want to take up a collection?

Jimmy Page???

This is really great. It's a video from 1957 of Jimmy's skiffle group on the Huw Wheldon Show from the BBC Television. This would make Jimmy 13. Watch it through the interview, apparently Jimmy has just learned the guitar. Guess the biological research didn't work out. Too bad, he could have made alot of money with that gig!!!