Ahhhh, you've found the Tiki Room

The sun is setting over the ocean. You and your date/spouse have just slid up to the Ranch Tiki Bar's best seat and ordered a tall refreshing cocktail. Now your best friends show up and great conversation ensues. What's that...the waiter says your table at the ocean front is ready. Off you go to enjoy a great meal and continue the best of times with your closest friends.

And then you wake up... but hey, surf the menu here and it may give you a taste for that good food, wine, and friends.

My Favorite Eatries

A little hide-away on Captiva Island FL.

The best Mexican dive food in Denver, CO.

The best pizza, bar none, in Idaho Springs, CO

A cool little bistro on the island of Oahu.

An out of the way dive on Cozumel Island.

First Wine,

Then Dark Chocolate

Life is Good!

Food and Drink

Can there be anything else better than sitting out on a summer evening with friends and fresh grilled salmon on a bed of arugula?? Maybe an excellent bottle of wine also...Check back in to the ranch soon cause this is one of my passions that I will have lots of observations about and will be adding much to this page.

A Tip for Wine Tasting

Frank Mangio of TasteofWineTV.com offers the first of four tips on tasting wine like a pro. The Ranch Man has found sometimes that what the wine smells like isn't always a true indicator of whether the wine tastes good or not. But then the Ranch Man's wine budget may not be what Mr. Mangio's is either.