Music, Food, Drink, Wine, Guitars, Health and Electronic Gadgets You Say?

residential rendering Yep, these are things that make me happy and, we believe, I know a thing or two about. Cruise over to the music scene where I intend to talk about musicians, the music scene and watch some music videos that really define talent.

Then over at the Food and Drink Lounge I'm looking forward to introducing you to some fun foods, talk about drink recipies and talk a little about wine.

Guitars...Ohhhhh guitars. I've collected a few, played a few and admired many. Guitarville is all things guitars.

Health issues are on everyone's mind and after some "events" in my life I want to share tips on good living through good health.

And finally I'm a electronic gadget nut. Cell phones, mp3 players, stereo equipment, computer equipment, home entertainment, I want to talk about it all.

We will be developing this site, changing this site, blogging about this site, but hopefully never getting bored here. We want to hear from you and if you're passionate about these things, drop us a line and contribute to what we are doing.

Yes, it has been a while 01-25-10

With the holidays coming and going, and the new site I've been working on, this site hasn't seen alot of changes lately. Well that is not the case these days. You'll see some changes happening and I'm working to improve the ranch to be more fun...that is if you like music, food, drink, wine, guitars and electronic gadgets. Have a great day where ever you live and give thanks for the good things in your life.

Dreaming about somewhere warm and tropical.

After being in Cozumel MX I'm missing the Pirate Bar. In the words of Jimmy Buffett, "I gotta go where it's warm. This place will do!

Ranch Man, Your site looks funky in my browser, tell me what to do to make it better!

First you need to update to a browser from the 21st century. I prefer Mozilla Firefox, it doesn't have near the weird bugs Internet Explorer has and is much safer. But if you want to use IE at least update to version 7.0. Internet Explorer 6 and especially 5 have so many bugs it's almost impossible to design for them. So if you are using IE 5, this site will look funky (as will most others because of the new design standards). You owe it to yourself if you are a web surfing hound to upgrade because web sites will look better and the newer versions plugged a few more holes. ( The site has been bugged tested for IE7) Also set your monitor for at least 1024 x 768 pixels. You'll have a much better browsing experience not only at the Ranch, but just in general also.

Oh and FYI, if you visit a site often, it's always a good idea to refresh your browser and browser cache. That'll make sure you're seeing the latest greatest!